References and Testimonials

Wedding Reception BagpipesI play for many types of events, church services (Kirking of the Tartan), dinners (Burns Night), Weddings and funerals. I have played for literally hundreds of funerals. Playing for funerals took a bit of getting used to, yet the very kind words from the families let me know that I have bought comfort to so many people making the hours of practice and effort so worthwhile.

Here are a few of the letters sent to me. These kind words given to me after playing are such a reward for the years of preparation required to play the Highland Pipes.

Dear David,
Thank you so much for your musical contribution to "Lest We Forget". I know the choir, bells, actors and audience appreciate the dimension live instrumentation adds. I hope this evening was a fun evening for you also. God Bless.
- Stephen Story; Mt. Zion Wesleyan Church.

Dear Mr. Thomas,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful God-given gift with friends and family who gathered last week at the Pioneer Memorial service. The Bagpipes are such a soothing instrument. Sincerely, New Outlook Pioneer Carolinas Council.
- Mrs. Mary Ellen Burke.

Dear David,
Thank you for a job well done. We so enjoyed your piping at mother's funeral. We were very glad that you accepted our gift of Single Malt Scotch; we hope that you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed your music. You are always welcome at Bethel anytime.
- Sincerely, Betsy Ashworth.

Jamestown Bagpipe

Here are a few of the events that I have been asked to return and play every year, and I hope many for many years come.

Yearly Bagpipe GigsYearly Gigs:

Jamestown, NC, bagpips